frosted glass vinyl window

Frosted Vinyl Decor

Leaders in Frosted or Sandblasted vinyl application in the Business sector. Over the last 6 years

Graphixcorp has supplied and applied frosted vinyl to many big Company names such as Anglo Gold

Ashanti, Imperial Cargo Solutions and The Business Exchange to mention a few. This type of vinyl

film allows for privacy once applied to glass office panels or boardrooms, it can be cut into many

different designs allowing for iconic Corporate Identities.

There are many different types of patterns available

throughout the standard product range giving you a

wide variety of choice when considering to have the

Frosted / Sandblasted Vinyl applied to your Companies offices

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3 Quick steps to getting your office space FROSTED!
Client visit Sizing & Design Concept Quotation
Cut Design & Supply Frosted vinyl
FINALLY - Application to your glass panels
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frosted glass vinyl panels
UV Protection Replaceable Durable (5-7 years) Even Finish Easy To Clean Quick To Apply Strengthens Glass (shatterproof) Provides Privacy with a decorative look Energy efficient by insulating the windows Classic Look

Some Benefits To Frosted Vinyl Usage

Making the right Decor choice is important, this is especially true when considering how you should treat the windows around the work environment. Frosted vinyls allow for privacy while still allowing natural light to flow through the work space. Choosing what type of design you after will be The only major choice you will have to make. Fitment is quite and quick guaranteeing you a short workman’s presence around the building! Enjoy the high quality decorative look your Business deserves!
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